The Hospital Dietitians Interest Group is an initiative that was created to promote, protect and empower the special scope of practise of a dietitian working in the hospital setting. As this is a challenging environment to work in the group aims to alleviate and solve everyday problems for the hospital dietitian to ensure that this special scope of practise is sustained and that the patient receives best care always...read more on their website

The Children's Therapy Centre

The Children's Therapy Centre is situated in Petervale Bryanston, Johannesburg. Everyday we endeavour to use our experience, skills, training and expertise to touch and change the life of every child we are privileged enough to help. Our team is made up of dedicated, determined and passionate professionals who are constantly increasing their knowledge and effectiveness through attending courses and staying abreast of latest treatment techniques...read more on their website

The Rare Disease Society of South Africa

The Rare Disease Society of South Africa is a patient organization initiated by parents with children suffering from LSD (lysosomal storage disorders) to advocate for patients’ rights and create awareness about various life threatening rare diseases (RD). RD patients form a minority of our society and receive little or no help or attention. Our acknowledgement and investment can make significant changes to RD patients’ quality of life...read more on their website


Optimise your athletic performance, prevent injury and be more prepared for the challenges of daily life with a high quality movement practice at CrossFit Shen Li....read more on their website