Inge Retief

Inge Retief is a registered dietitian with 14 years of local and international experience. Her experience includes clinical nutrition in critical care, paediatrics, and optimizing nutrition in competitive and social sports.

She studied at the University of Pretoria and finished her degree in 2003. She has presented to national audiences, written articles for local magazines and been invited to talk on radio shows.

In the sports realm she has worked with mixed martial artists, professional cyclists and weight lifters. She believes in optimizing performance by unleashing the individual’s genetic potential through scientifically calculated meal plans and functional medicine and supplementation where required. Inge is a crossfit fanatic and works closely with fellow crossfitters to get their diet in tune to their exercise regime.

Inge is trained in the SOS approach to feeding, she is part of a feeding team for children with feeding difficulties. She works closely with paediatric gastro-enterologists and neurologists to treat a variety of diseases including epilepsy, inborn errors of metabolism, food allergy, reflux and constipation. She has a great desire to see all children learn to love healthy foods through early and appropriate exposure.

She believes strongly that every person should have a good relationship with food, food should be enjoyed and chosen to improve quality of life in all life stages.

Special Interests: Paediatrics and Sports Nutrition